Carrie Hankins is an artist, illustrator, designer working in the animation industry. She has done work for KaBoom! comics, Titmouse Inc. and others, while enjoying life in Southern California.

Commissions: Open


Ristretto by kojireru

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Anonymous said: What brushes do you use in photoshop???

Sometimes I will download and try brushes from 

But… mostly I just use the default photoshop brushes. I like the square sponge looking ones, I use those a lot. 

aqcua said: OMG just found your blog your Illustrations are AMAZING!! Can I know which program do you use? I don´t know how to use illustration programs and I want to start learning but first need to know which programs are used for that LOL...

Hey, thanks! I use Photoshop but I know some people like to use Sai. 

Anonymous said: Do you have a shiba inu?

Yup! Her name is Pumpkin. I adopted her from the animal shelter a few years ago. 

Anonymous said: You should do a walkthrough of your art! I love the way you color/paint!!

Thanks! I don’t know that I would want to make one right this second but maybe someday 

vanessamakesthings said: I love your art - it's so cute and expressive!

Gosh I forgot to reply but thank you!

Hey guys, I’m opening up commissions for full color paintings:



$35 for a single character +14 for each additional character. 

I’ll draw anything as  long as I have a reference. I don’t do nsfw. I don’t do caricatures.  

If you need something specific like a headshot for your convention badge or something contact me and we can work it out. 

Paypal upfront only.


(Also my paypal) 



I love you guys. These words are for you, and also for myself.

I thought that by the time I actually got a creative job in the animation industry I would surely feel… like less of an imposter. Nope. Often times when I get an assignment I experience a moment of pure terror. Afraid that my last…

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kathryn-wood said: Hiya, sorry this isn't really an ask but Tumblr put you as recommended in my dashboard, and gosh your stuff is so cool and inspirational! You're really good at what you're doing and I can't get enough of that ickle dog on the sidebar. XD Thanks! <3

Thanks! I’m thinking of making her into a comic if this other thing I’m working on doesn’t work out. 

jellybeanbullet said: Your art is so colorful and expressive *_* very jealous!

Thank yooou 

I made a 50/50 Bar in Maya 

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The video trailer for Superjail! season 4!

Direct video of that trailer, just for all of you! Look at that tease of some cool stuff we’re all going to see.

Check it out! Some of my animations are in this!

Check this out, a lot of my Titmouse friends gave their lives for this show! The blood is on your hands if you don’t watch it.

Superjail! Season 4 Trailer! I did storyboarding and animation on a few episodes and my co-workers/friends sacrificed their lives to create one of the most insane animated shows in the universe. Please watch!

I helped ink and color some of this >:3