Hi my name is Carrie Hankins. I'm a freelance artist and a current intern at Titmouse Animation Studios.

Commissions: Closed


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Commissions: Help me raise money for class edition! 

I’ll pretty much draw anything except portraits.  Oc’s, fan art, ships, sparkledogs, superheroes, Homestuck, Gaia avatars, I don’t know whatever; as long as you keep it PG-13. Paypal only. Email me at With your requests and reference photos. Personality descriptions help too.

A quick black and white sketch: $3.00

Cleaned up with flat color: $5.00

Finished Digital Illustration: $15.00

Line-less: $9.00

Add $3.00 for each additional character.

Need payment upfront. All prices are USD. 

These are the base prices but if you decide send me more than what was asked I will work harder on them and make them look cooler/ (Just saying.) Signal boosts appreciated!

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